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Hi. For years I've had problems with my left knee. I'm 42 years old. All started about 5 years ago with a volleyball injuregy. MRI images showed sprain of the ACL and a bakers cyst in the back of my knee (no damage to the meniscus). After that healed, every now and then that knee would act up. Most recenlty over the last 4 months, I would be walking and it would feel like somehting would snap or pop (almost like my knee would give out) and then it would be very painful. I would walk with a limp for a couple days becsue I couldn't put any weight on that leg and it was painful to compeltely straighten that leg. After a day or two it would be fine. This would usually happen after a sudden move, walking quickly, etc. The sound is almost like bone hitting bone. The fear of this happening all the time has limited me to activites that I normally would like to do. I went for an MRI a couple weeks ago and it shows a meniscus tear and a still a bakers cyst behind the knee. The doc sid the cyst is caused from the tear in the meniscus and that the tear won't heal on it's won't heal on it's own because there is no blood supply to it. I could take ibuprofen when it acts up or cortisone shots, but it won't eliminate the problem. Or another option is the Arthroscopy outpatient surgery to remove the torn menisus piece. Does this sound familiar to anyone. Do I sound like a candidate for this procedure? Has anyone had this done? Will it eliminate my problem of the popping pinful knee problem? I don't want to be out of commission for a long time. I have two young children and work full time. How long is the recovery from it. I don't want to have an unnecessary surgery, but then again I don't want to live my life with this fear of my knee popping when I do certain acitivites and limping for a couple days.... I hate having any type of surgery unless it's needed. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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