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Dear Oregrown,

I have had AVN also called ostio necrosis, in English that is death of the ball joint in the hip. The only place I had pain was on the inside of my hip. It felt like I had broken glass in there and everytime I would take a step it just felt and sounded like that. It was very painful. It took the dr's 11 months to diagnose it. They kept telling me it was my lower back and I kept telling them no, it is my hip. I also developed pieraformis syndrome, the large muscle in your bum gets really tight because your gait is off and it can cause siatic pain, mine did not cause siatic pain. Jan. 31st of this year I herniated a disc at L3 L4, there is a great big difference over the hip situation. This disc caused pain at the lower right side of my back, inside and outside of my hip. Severe pain across the top of my thigh, burning and numbness at and below the knee. This has been the worst pain I have ever had. Where you have pain and numbness depends on which disc/ discs are herniated. I thought the AVN was bad, but this had it beat hands down. The symptoms for each can be similar which is why the MD's opinions can differ as to what the problem is. I had a ct scan to diagnose the hip and an MRI to diagnose the herniated disc. My guess by your description is your back. I would try to get someone to order an MRI for you, most spine surgeons and neurologists won't see a pt. with an MRI older than 6 mos. Then I would find a spine specialist or a neurologist and go from there. Good luck, I hope this helped you. I haven't ever posted on this board. If you have anymore questions, you can find me on the back pain board. Usta:wave:

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