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I had a THR on right hip on February 19th. One week after coming home I turned my right foot inward. I felt a great big bunch of pain so I immediately turned it back. I felt a click-click sound in my hip area. I thought whatever happened when I turned my foot inwards was ok now. WRONG~! I started going downhill with immediately pain and not being able to bear any weight on the right leg. Everytime my PT came, he made me do exercises to bear weight on the right leg. It got to a point where I could not even lift the leg. When I went for my followup appointment with the doctor, after x-rays were taken, he came into the room and just looked at me and said "what happened". It was indeed dislocated. 3 days later I was back in the hospital where he relocated my hip and I was immediately able to bear weight on the right leg. It was like nite and day. I am now 3 weeks post-op from the relocating. I am able to walk with and without a cane. I still have a great deal of swelling around and below the incision and when I am up alot, my whole right leg does swell. Doctor says this is normal. I sure hope so. I am SO tired of sleeping on my back. I am a tummy sleeper and would LOVE to know when I can start sleeping on my stomach. By the way, all hip recautions had to start over again from March 23rd, the day that he relocated my hip, so I think I still have 3 more weeks of sleeping on my back....bah humbug! My limp is gone and I am now going back to work from my home instead of the office. I hope this helps alot! Would love to hear more stories!

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