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Hi, lhapp. Both at once! You must really have been in agony before surgery, and it must have been really hard getting out of bed after!. I had a hard enough time with just one, and I remember how long it took me to walk to the end of the hospital hallway with the walker. Keep concentrating on your gait. I remember when it was all I could do to walk without tilting about 4-5 weeks after surgery, but now I walk so easily. I can't believe I limped for so long. It's fading into a memory. I know what you mean about twisting. I still get twinges once in a while from what seems like such a simple, quick motion. Still terrified of tripping, twisting, etc. But every once in a while, at work, while sitting in a meeting, I treat myself to crossing my legs. I wasn't able to for so long because of the pain and stiffness, and I always felt so prim sitting with feet neatly together when all the other women in the room lounged so elegantly in their chairs with their legs crossed. In the last couple of weeks I've actually been able to get into pantyhose and a skirt, and sit with my legs crossed. I know it's a bad thing to do, but it just feels so great to be able to!
I was really glad to find this forum as I feel pretty alone having had my hip replaced 4 months ago. Although I know other people who have had hips done I do not know anyone well enough to talk to about it. I am a 57 year old female in Ontario, Canada.
I was never told I had to sleep on my back for 6 months! I was sold a foam wedge at my pre-op screening that velcroed around the legs at the time of my surgery and prevents any bad movement or crossing of the legs while sleeping. However it was very uncomfortable so I just sleep with a pillow between my knees on my side and am comfortable sleeping on the new hip side.
My complaint is that I have a leg length discrepancy now,aggravated by a previous spinal scoliosis and am having pain in my back, sometimes knees and some muscle discomfort when I walk in my new hip area in the groin and thigh. I am getting tired of people asking me if I have a "gimpy leg"! From reading on line this all seems to be classic symptoms of the too long leg causing my posture to be totally out of kilter. Im am going to see a chiropractor in a week who does orthotics for an assessment.
I have worked hard to get my fittness back and swim lengths in a pool 3 times a week and do weight exercises at a gym. I always feel better when I do this. I feel like a sleek seal in the water and a beached whale on land.:confused:

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