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hi, i was sliding during a baseball game four days ago, and when i got up from my slide, my knee felt really wierd. I cant say exactly what happened because it was in the heat of the moment, but at first i thought maybe hyperextension. I kept playing since with all of my adrenaline i didnt realize the seriousness of the injury. Now i can walk and do stairs without any pain, and improvement from the first day when moving my leg at all hurt in the inside similarly to when you throw your arm out. Anyway, now the only things are are i cant straighten or bend my leg as far as my other. for example, if i squat down, at about a 90 degree angle, my left (injured) leg begins to hurt right above the knee enough so that i must straighten up. It is swollen only a little just above the knee on the outside of my leg. I was just wondering if any one has had a similar injury or could please tell me what i might have done and how long i should stay off my leg.

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