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Knee pain
May 3, 2007
I posted once about my knee hurting when I straightened out my leg. But now it is hurting all the time even when I keep it straight. It still hurts the most when I kneel or squat or bend my leg. It didn't swell and isn't red. It keeps making a squeeking sound when I bend it and the knee cap seems a little looser than my other one. I had been having hip pain on the same side to the doc xrayed my hip about 3 weeks ago and didn't bother to xray my knee. he blamed the knee pain on the hip , but the hip dosen't hurt all the time and they don't hurt at the same time. i finally got an appointment to see the orthopedic doctor but that isn't for a month meantime its hurting to walk on it. any ideas of what else to do or try or if your hip can make your knee hurt like crazy?? I have tried heat packs and they put me on 15mg of mobic per day and it did nopt help at all. thanks

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