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Hip Pain
May 11, 2007
For about 1.5 years now I've been experiencing chronic right hip/groin discomfort (along the groin to the top of hip). It seems to be more pronounced laying down at night and aggreviated when I fast walk on a treadmill. It a dull ache doesnt interfere with my cardio routine but I definately couldnt run with this condition.

I am overweight 38years old 5'8" 221.5lbs 22% BF (Lost 30 lbs already) and even during periods of non-exercise I still experience some discomfort. I have had hip x-rays and it shows no arthitis (nothing abnormal). In my younger 20's I did experience sharp dagger pains in both my hamstrings (torn) during a Baseball tournament and it left my hamstrings badly bruised and me in bed for a week. I do believe in I pulled a groin muscle at some point as well.

I do experience some issues with my left hip (similar to right) but its prodominantly the right one thats preventing me from doing any significant running in sports.

What other conditions might cause my symptoms? Any suggestions on how I can re-kindle my youth? I'm trying to lose weight but I'm not optimistic this will entirely fix my problem. I'd really like to play Baseball again.

Any help is appreciated

Mitch aka Frustrated

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