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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="4"][COLOR="Purple"]It sounds a lot like what I am going through. I wish I had answers and feel the frustration too. I am like that on my left leg mostly. I have edema.. It's in my legs and there is swelling behind my left leg causing pain. I had a d-dimer test done. It is a test to make sure there isn't any clots. I am kind of scared because my mom has clots in her legs, now in her neck.. she has a lot of stuff wrong with her health. The edema has gotten really bad and today I noticed just how much edema I have in my right arm. It leaves a pit when I hold my finger in that place for five seconds.. Go to the doctors and have your self checked for edema. I have the popping in my legs all of the time, everytime I walk. I have hip pain as well and one time when I had a check up at a chyropractor they said the x ray shows I am deterirating in my hip area. I have popping and grinding in my hip and lower back too. I have thyroid problems as well. I don't know if what symptoms you said could be any thing like mine is but better to have a doctor do testing for your thyroid, edema ect. I hope you can get some help. Does your leg feel heavy and need to wiggle your feet to help make it not feel numb?
hopeful always[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

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