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I was injured about 4 years ago squatting, using too much weight with not enough warm-up after spending the whole day in a freezer. My left knee did something, like a little pop or twinge of pain. It wasn't much. I knew it was bad but it didn't seem that bad. I didn't do anything about it for 2 years, as it didn't seem like a big deal. I could still play racquetball with very rare occurrences of pain which were pretty minor and only lasted as instant and could still squat, though I could never again get in the groove squatting. It hasn't ever since felt natural to squat, whereas it did before. Two years after the initial injury it started getting bad enough that I got it checked out. After going to one doctor who was an idiot I went to another one who gave me some X-rays and discovered that my kneecaps were drifting a little to the outside. I went to therapy to try to fix that. That didn't help, or it made it worse. I'm not sure. I stopped therapy for a while, then tried it again to the same effect. Then I got an MRI and they found a small tear int he tendon that connects the patella to the kneecap. So I had surgery to fix that. They drilled a hole in the patella and put a metal post in there according to the doctor and I guess they wrapped the tendon around that. That is my understanding. I went through therapy for to recover from surgery. Surgery was July 12, 2006. Therapy got me my strength back that I lost due to the surgery, but it did nothing to improve the condition of my knee and there were additional problems that seemed to stem from the surgery that I expected to fade but did not.

(My right knee is also giving me problems, assuming due to the kneecap moving outward. The pain was starting slightly before the surgery. Nothing major, just some discomfort enough to know something was wrong. But it has progressively gotten worse since the surgery.)

Back to the left knee. After therapy for the knee I didn't do much for a couple weeks. It seemed to me that I was worse off than before the surgery, though I can play racquetball, lift, run etc. That stuff just hurts still and everything still feels very out of alignment. My left knee, which before the surgery only clicked barely noticeable by touch our sound at one point in the range of motion now does through out the whole range and itís louder and easy to feel with my hand placed on my knee. It's a bunch of clicking and popping. It's not loud, but I can feel it. Sometimes it gives one big pop when I extend my leg. That's like a couple time a day thing. My right knee also pops if I move it suddenly in a certain direction, bending it inward (obviously a bad habit that I need to stop as the knee is not meant to bend that way). So with these problems I went to the doctor again to consult him. He didnít offer me much help. Basically he said I could start doing things again, lifting lightly to start and jogging, racquetball, etc. So I went home a little pissed that he didnít really have any help to offer and basically said everything was great when I knew it was not. Then I went to another doctor who said that the diagnosis that my kneecaps were moving outward was basically seeing things that werenít there and he gave me a steroid shot in both knees. This didnít help at all. Eventually I wrote the previous doctor a hand written letter telling him I was not satisfied with the result of the surgery and heís got to give me some guidance as to how to get back to normal. So he suggested a therapist not affiliated with his practice but to whom he refers people to occasionally. This therapist said I had fallen arches and we worked using my glutes more to help that, though my glutes seem fine to me. They are large muscularly compared to my legs and everything else. Though I do have to admit he is right about my arches, I can see that with my own eyes now that it has been pointed out to me. Again therapy did nothing but perhaps making it worse. At the end of about 6 weeks of therapy the therapist asked how far I had come. He said if the level I was coming in at was 0 and normal would be 100% where am I now, at the end of therapy. I said 5, maybe 10%. And honestly that assessment was generous. I felt bad saying 0-5.

Basically I donít know what to do. I can do lot of things. Iím not crippled. I can jog play racquetball, lift, but it still doesnít feel right, and there is still pain at the point where the tendon was reattached and the right knee is still giving me problems as bad as ever.

I worked out yesterday. Did some deadlifts, 3 sets of 5 with 135 and front squats, 3 sets of with 95lbs and today the point where the tendon was reattached is sore (Not good sore, like it was a good workout, but a sore that tells me something is wrong). That will probably go away soon. But Iím coming up on a year since the surgery and things have seems to reach an equilibrium at a point I am very unsatisfied with. Surgery genuinely seems to have made things much worse. I donít know if I have any recourse against the doctor. Iím not out to go after him but maybe I am entitled to some compensation, at least to cover the continuing search for helpful help. Any one know anything about that? Do I have any recourse? But that is not my primary concern, though I would prefer not to keep spending thousands of my dollars to fix this. My biggest concern is getting back to normal and if I have to take the financial hit to do so that is fine.

I donít know. This just sucks a lot. The doctors and therapists donít seem to have a clue. I want to consider some alternative therapies, like non-western techniques, acupuncture, qi gong, maybe yoga. Maybe these things will help things get re-aligned so my legs feel normal and stable again and the left knee can heal. But I donít know where to start with these things. I am cleaning up my diet to give my body the best resources to build from. I wonder how significant poor diet played in recovery. Maybe that was the only real problem all along. Itís possible. I guess time will tell as I improve that.

Any ideas anyone?

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