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I have written before. I have chronic back and leg pain. DDD, Hernitations, Osteoarthritis and stuff. About 3 months ago, I started having bad pain in my right hip. I went to my PCP and he tried a shot of cortisone which did not help. I went back and he put me on 10 day trial of predinosone (that is a nasty med). It did help some until I stopped taking it. He than referred me to an orthopedic surgeon. The problem is that was in APril and I don't see th Ortho until early August (3 months) and my hip is still hurting. Quite painful at time. I am getting ready to take a trip to July 12 to visit my sister. I take pain med for my back (Hydrocodone 7.5 1 twice a day and hydromorphone 4 mg 1 twice a day, I guess this is a lot). It does not help my hip as much as my back. Well, I guess it helps all of it a bit but not as much as it once did. I don't want to go in for an appointment because he can't do anything which is why I am seeing the ortho. I can't take anti inflammatories because of stomach problems. He thought maybe I have bursitis or arthritis in my hip.
Should I call and at least let the nurse know that I have to wait until August and that it is bothering me. It is approriate to just call in to see if anything can be done? Any suggestions. I have tried heat and cold packs, no use.

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