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I have had an issue with my left knee ever since I started playing basketball. I am know 33 and play pick up here and there. Last night my my knee seemed to "pop" out , but then right back in. It seemed to do it when I planted the knee and turned. It is the inner knee are. I feel a pop, but it immediately pops right back in. It is very sore but after some rest(week or two) it will be fine until it pops out again which may be years. This is probably the 5th time this has happened in maybe 15 years. When it happend in high school I saw a specialitst who tried to re-create what happened and tried to get it to pop out but he couldn't. I never really investigated it furtheter because like I said once I rest it I feels fine again. I was just wondering if anyone might know what this is?
Like i said it is the inner knee area (below knee cap, almost the side,) when I push on it it is very sore. Can a tendon, or ligament move or pop and then move or pop back? Thanks so much.
Both of my knees had issues with subluxation, which is when the kneecap slides or pops out of place, then returns to normal. It gets sore or painful because the patella is rubbing on the bone and it's not in the right place. That irritates and inflames things inside.

I did PT to help strengthen the quad muscles (there is one in particular that really helps prevent the subluxing), got orthotics and even taped my knee to help stop it from moving. I eventually had surgery on both, arthroscopic lateral retinacular release (they clean everything up inside and then cut the retinaculum, which is on the lateral/outside of knee, so that it can no longer pull on the patella). It worked for me and I don't have issues with it anymore. I don't want to scare you...conservative treatment works really well much of the time.

It would be a good idea to see your orthopedist and have your knee checked out. They would likely do x-rays and measure some things. PT might be the best help and all you need. Hope that helps!
The lateral retinacular releases were done 13 yrs ago, when I was a teenager. I did them almost exactly 5 months apart. I had epidurals for both, so was able to stay awake and watch on the screen (it's pretty bloodless, as they put a tournaquet on your upper thigh). It was probably about an hour long procedure. A drainage tube was connected for 24 hrs afterward to get the excess blood/fluid out. I think my dr put some novacaine type medicine in the knee and having the epidural meant my lower body was numb for awhile afterward, which was a good thing. I went home after an hour or so in recovery.

I know there was pain/discomfort for awhile after and I took the pain meds for a week or two and iced it fairly often too. The pain was worse earlier on. Keeping it wrapped/compressed helped keep the swelling down and promote healing.

I used crutches to get around for maybe the first week, but it wasn't long before I walked without them. Sleeping at night was sometimes hard, as I am NOT a back sleeper, so elevating and sleeping with pillows under the knees was not comfortable. I know they told me to keep the knee bent, as the retinaculum could heal incorrectly otherwise.

The first knee I did PT to strengthen it (followed the same exercises for 2nd knee on my own). Definitely had some muscle atrophy. I had to be able to do straight leg raises, among other things, before resuming sports. Within a month I was back to playing tennis rollerblading and being fairly active. Of course I wasn't at the top of my game or anything.

My knees look a little different, as the lateral side is flatter looking (where the retinaculum was cut) when bent. There will be scar tissue on the lateral side. I have times where the scar tissue "snaps" when squatting or lunging, but that's no biggie compared to having the kneecap snap/pull out of place.

All in all, I don't think it was that bad. If you're motivated and don't push too hard or baby yourself too much, you'll do just fine. The fact that it's arthroscopic really helps with recovery time. You'll have to post again when you schedule your surgery and let us know how you're doing. Hope this helps some. :)
I have the same pain post trauma when my knee popped out. It's the same spot, my knee cap but kind of off to the side. Mine too would pop out once every 5 years or so but I shake it off the next day. This time I tore the ligament that connects your knee cap (on the side) to the femur called the patellofemoral ligament. Surgery would have been the first option but I didn't see the ortho til 3 weeks later so now I am healing but I can't use my leg right and I start physical therapy. It sounds like you have patello-femoral joint problems (like me) and I guess the ligament isn't tight enough to keep your knee cap in place and is stretching every time it pops out ...or your knee cap and grove aren't working together causing pain from grinding and sliding.
I have the same problem. It first happend when i was about 14 ( i am 19 now) i was hiking to some hot springs with my dad. Ive noticed it has always happened when im either going down something hills, stairs ect, or when i am walking, or running roughly at a steady pace not paying attention. All i have to do is turn the inside of my knee far and firm enough and i can get it to pop out if i am walking/running steadly. I can almost do it on command just standing but i need the force or weight of moving. Isnt it bad if i can pop my knee out on command? Its the most painful thing i have ever experienced . My knee snaps out from the inside and then pops back in. Its happened quite a bit actually 5 times on my left, 5 or 6 times on my right. And i mean six actuall times of snapping out and popping back in. Happend when i was hiking , walking roughly , and running. I mean i have flew off treadmills cause my knee pops out. My whole point of my story is that i dont know what to do anymore. I started working at home depot and i LOVE my job, but every thing is cement floors. And before i stated i could handle my knee pain yes it hurt most the time but not enough to really bug me or hurt to much. Four months into home depot my knees are KILLING ME! I cant squat, kneel, or bend to get items out of carts. My whole point of this LONG story is that i was wandering i know i need to go to a knee speicalist or a orthopedic doctor but what kind of test should they do. NO WAY am i going to let them shoo me out of there with no treatment i want tests done to know if i need surgery or not i cant live with this pain i want to fix it before i get older im only 19. I used to run , go to the gym and everything i can hardly walk. I am asking did the surgery hurt , did they give you stuff for the pain. I know i am only 19 but i work on Concrete and i JUST cant do it. How long did it take for you to recover. I know i could check out other sites but i just wanted your opinion from actuall people not doctors. I went to a specialist once some doctor who looked about 28, looked at my knee gave my a brace and sent me to physical thearpy. I did PT for 2 months and continued to do it at home for 3 more months but my knee has dislocated 4 or 5 times since then. Any kind of response would be so helpfull.
I have almost the same thing.. however, mine happens alot.. and I mean ALOT.. I am due to see a specialist on tuesday due to something else but my doctor told me I have patellar tracking disorder.. It is when the knee cap is pulled by the tendon to the side & it grinds.. not sure if this is the same as yours.. Mine used to only do it once every month or so.. and after it did it then it would be sore for a week straight.. since then it has started to do it a couple times a week.. If it doesnt bother you then it may not be worth checking into.. but if it starts to happen more often then I would talk to a specialist about it again.
I don't mean to scare, but i have that exact same problem, now i don't play sports so mine is just....well weird! But apparently mine is because the groove where my knee cap sits in is flat instead of curved, so my knee cap isn't secure. The doctor said i was the worst case he had seen because basically surgery can't help it, it can only make is worst, so i have to have 6 months of serious physio. If i don't control this i could be in a wheelchair in 20-30 years, i'm 16..that means at least 45 and i'll be in a wheelchair, get this checked out, it could be nothing but it definately could be something.
hello, i also have this problem on both knees but mainly my left. I am really keen to get back to playing football, and was wondering if thats possible.The doctors i have seen have not said much about being able to play football after. i have had an MRI scan and i have an appointment with consultant. They said that surgery will prob be the answer, i really want surgery as i have been having this problem for about 8 years, it has restricted me alot. i am constantly on edge and worrying that they will slip out, cus it is so painful.

I was wondering how long roughly your off work for after the operation?

mine slip out alot too....i only have to cross my legs and they slip.they also said to me that i have no curve on my knee cap and it doesnt lie properly.But the Knee specialist has said to me that surgery could work especially while im young as it will stop further complications such as arthiritis.I also was given a brace and had physio which was useless.My knee can come out several times in a couple of weeks.Iv just become so scared to do alot of things and im cautious constantly.Its very annoying
yeah man i no how u feel it happens to me all the time, i got surgery on it and it hasnt happend for a year or so until today i started lifting with it and it just popped out, i dont really have any methods to help u except for to strenghten ur legs and dont do to much with your knee, but the same thing has been happening with my knees all my life, what it is is your ligaments are weak and are when you turn and go to the side and all that the knee cap moves to the side, sometimes it doesnt really do anything or hurt you but it has the potential to slice up and rip your ligaments, my advice would be to go to a doctor and get an mri, but when they supposedly fixed mine it felt good for a while until this happend, and when ever i seem to stretch my legs, it seems to actually make matters worse
iv had my lateral release about 5 weeks ago now....they said i would be back to work after two weeks and its been 5 and still not back. Its just really starting to recover, had a complication where the bleeding has gone onto my joint it was sooo swollen and painful. lets hope it does the job tho
my knee popped out in my last soccer game its been like 2 weeks and now that the sweeling has gone down it has this "clicking" feeling what could this be??

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