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Hello Everyone.

My name is Amiee. ( I am new .. Just signed up .. )

I am leaving a thread post here because, I am a teenager with a lot
of knee pain. Every time I go and up stairs my knee cracks and pops.
I can't play any of my school's sports. I have been to physical therapy
for almost a year and it didn't help. And, I still do the therapy. I wear a knee brace but, it still cracks and pops.

I go to a military school and we drill/march everyday. Whenever I walk
or take a step I am in a lot of pain and I have to step out to let the rest of
the cadets to do their drilling. I am upset for my knee and so is my Mother. I am a very active person.

Towards my future, I want to get into the Navy.
Like my profile says, I want to save people and I want to fight for my
country. But, I can't with a painful knee that keeps cracking and popping.
Plus, you have to drill/march. Like, my school does. Hahahaha. =P
When I get into Iraq what will happen to my knee?

I have well, it has been mostly my Mother's idea if I should get surgery.
Should I get it? Because, it only sounds like the one choice I have.
A knee replacement surgery? Right now, I am on my summer break
and two more months I am back in school and this year, my senior year,
I want to play a sports and I want to drill.

So, if you can please reply I will be forever thankful. Well, I hope I hear from some of you guys soon.

Take care and Thank you,

Amiee :p

<33 xx[B][/B]

I went to my Doctors and I got two more x-rays.

He said that it is something from my patella.

He wants me to have surgery for --> Patellar re-alignment .. I believe what is called. =/ hahaha. :P

And, he did notice that my patella was getting worse and the knee cap wasn't in the right place. Like, I said in my other post.

He said to call him if the pain is getting bad or worse and so I called and I said that I am still having a lot of pain, and it is getting a lot worse. So, My Mom and I headed down to go see him.


To WarriorPrncss,

I want to do the surgery. And, like, I have said my other post. I want to get into the Navy. And, the Navy requires nobody to be injured or in pain. That is what I am having every day.

I noticed that when I was driving to my Doctor. I was having trouble stepping on the gas and the break. You would hear a POP and a CRACK. I told my Doctor that. He says, you reall yhave to be careful. It is like me saying, THIS ISN'T MY FAULT! ... GRRR! ahahaha.


I am still in A LOT of pain. You still here cracks and pops whenever I go down and up stairs. And, when I still walking. It is really getting my Mom worried. And, she says, "I really don't like the sound of that Amiee." But, I can't do anything about it. I just have to take my meds and wear my brace, plus, limping for how much pain I am having.

I talked to my Doctor. He says, he wants me to have the surgery.

My Mom is cool with it. And, so Am I.

On the scale to 1 to 10 from the pain.

It is 11. It is unbearable how much pain I am having everyday.

If I can ask ... How much is the surgery?

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