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Your choice of whether and when to have the hip fixed is strictly up to you as this is considered elective surgery. So long as you can work comfortably and pain meds or anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS) handle the discomfort, you may decide to wait. I can only speak from my own experience, having had both hips replaced at age 58. I waited until I couldn't walk without a cane and retired early from my job because I was fast becoming more and more disabled and my daily doses of naproxen weren't doing the job any more.

From my experience I can understand why your surgeon doesn't make promises such as you'd like to hear. Indeed, I'd become suspicious with a surgeon who promises too much. While the procedure has great success, experiences do vary. What he could tell you is that you'll probably eventually be able to kneel (I don't know about squatting - I don't do any of that even tho it's been several years since surgery) but it may take you several months to do it comfortably and you may, like me, need to brace yourself on something to stand up from the kneeling position. And it isn't a secret that lifting and carrying heavy weight might shorten the life of the prosthesis as will high-impact activities. It sort of matters what material your prosthesis is made from. IMHO, if you make a list of questions and sit down with the surgeon and ask them and don't get answers (and I don't mean the answers that you want to hear, but rather HONEST answers), then it seems that you have time to seek a second opinion or widen your search for a surgeon.

There are some things that are typical in hip replacement recovery. There will be weeks or months of imposed movement and positional restrictions while your hip heals and your muscles regain strength. Sometimes these restrictions are imposed for the short term and sometimes for life. The surgeon's preference and the surgical device, approach & experience all factor in on these matters.

Bottom line that few would argue with: hip replacement is one of the most successful surgeries performed in the way it restores function and relieves pain in people who are on their way to being wheelchair-bound. I am so glad I had mine done. I wish I hadn't retired from my job. I wish I had done it sooner. However having it later worked out fine. I can walk miles, have no pain, need no walking aids, and I have my life back. Luck to you as you make your decisions.

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