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Hello to all! Thank you so much for replying!
I had my arthroscopy in April, after my knee had basically locked in to place, docs had no idea what the problem was and thought that my cartilage had come lose. I was warned that worse case scenario I would be on crutches for 15 weeks, but as I basically had the stuff cleared out, I was back to work (I have an office job) within 10 days, without crutches. I was in hospital in the morning and out by the afternoon, even though the general aneasthetic didn't agree with me, it was so easy going.
The problems I have found afterwards: it took a while and my knee still does not bend or straighten fully, feels pretty weak on a walk, I have been advised to never do any high impact sport (I unfortunately put on weight because of this) and my biggest issue is the sheer lack of factual information, what I mean by this is that my doctor can not tell me how or why I got this, if it will come back, how they can treat it, etc.
I'm afraid from my limited experience I can't say much about the stuff other than arthroscopy, but that the doc said the synovectomy is invasive, painful and has absolutely no guarantee of being effective, so I hope it never comes back (not sure I am that lucky...!) I am also unable to comment in regards to the costs, as all my treatment has been on the National Health Service in the UK.
Be good for us all to check in and share experiences!

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