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It's gotten worse, well both of them have. I am now three months out of surgery.

On Thursday, I was doing some sprinting and they held well. When I went to play a game of touch I twisted on my right knee and everything in it collapsed. I dont know what I felt or anything, happened too quickly. Both knees were in a large amount of pain. When I got home, I put ice on the help with the swelling and heat.

The right one now, sometimes if I swing it, it grinds then clicks. After doing it for a couple times it lets out a final large crack, then stops. There is pain in the back of the knee, and also above and below the back of my leg. The knee cap also is sore but nothing that is really bad. The left one seems okish. The first day after falling there would be this twinge up the back of my knee when I pushed off on it, but it seems to be ok now.

I am so confused, both knees are hurting, and I really dont want to go to the doctor at this time as I have some important exams next week.
Anyone know what might be causing the things I have been experiencing?
Thank you very much.

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