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Re: Hip Dysplacia
Nov 1, 2007
Dysplasia basically means that the hip is somewhat out of place. I'm not sure if there are variations, but I was diagnosed with acetabular (hip socket) dysplasia last year and have just had a ganz osteotomy to correct it. In my case, the socket of the pelvis did not fully cover the ball at the top of the femur which resulted in considerable pain and difficulty in walking, particularly for the last year. I also had this problem when I was a toddler (I'm 34 now) and was treated, but unfortunately it's come back to haunt me.

The operation I had involved cutting the pelvis, 'swivelling' it around and 'nailing it back together'. I only had it a couple of weeks ago, but so far so good. I'm told that it'll take probably six months though before I'm recovered and able to return to work.

I think that the severity of the condition and the treatment options vary from patient to patient, so you're probably better off waiting for the hip clinic to advise you before getting yourself all stressed out about it.

Hope this helps

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