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ok so im gonna go on my little rant and vie you everything i have on the incident that caused the injury i have. but before i do that ill tell you im seeing an orthopedist on thursday ( may have gotten name wrong), but id like some opinions before that, and please tell me if your a physician, licensed professional or just someone who wants to help me with their thoughts.

Ok so i was playing football saturday night with a few of my friends, all was going good till i got tackled the wrong way, my foot planted and my leg went bending toward the ground without my ankle coming off the ground it remained flat. and my body rotated against the direction my leg was bending. this resulted in 3 loud and painful "pops". i hit the ground and yelled that my leg was broken, my friend fetched his parents. they put ice on it, and i told them my knee hurt as well. but not so much ( as i hadn't stood up or straightened it on my own yet. i went to the ER got x-rayed a fracture was found, i got sent home in a splint and with a prescription of hypercordone. I went to a podiatrist today and a large chip was discovered in my ankle and a fracture in the bone on the interior side of my right foot. I was given an air cast, and i told the doctor of how my knee hurt, when i straightened it. he set up an appointment for this Thursday with an upper leg/knee specialist. What im wondering from all of you who've read thus far is what do you think is wrong with my knee. It hurts to straighten it past the 90 degree of normal flexibility point, and it seems to be coming from the left side of my knee (its my right leg), it may be from behind that im not sure however. The kicker is im an athlete and my season starts today (practices only thus far), with the air cast i can compete in my sport but what do you think is up with my knee and do you think it will require a cast, brace, surgery, or what specifically. I performed lachmans test to check my acl myself and i passed. i even found a video to make sure i was doing it correctly. Ive had osgood-schlaughers 5 years ago and had a knee brace. this is all the information i can give you, that and up till about 1 inch below my knee in the x-rays theirs no break in my leg bones so those are most likely out of the picture, but may not be. Please tell me what you think my knee problem is. and ill tell you waht it is on thursday when i find out by a professional.

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