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So my story goes like this(and I will try to keep it short) My left hip has bothered me for many years. Im 32 and it probably started in my early 20's. Started as just a small pain when I sat in a strange position. Lasted a few hours and went away...well as time goes on im unable to cross my legs cause the uncrossing part is to painful.Then about 2 years ago after my child was born it really went down hill. Sitting in a chair for long periods of time would hurt but only when I went to get up. So fast foward like 4 months ago and now it hurts all the time mainy when im sitting and i go to get up or move in the chair from side to side. And now in the last few weeks the pain is off the charts!! I go to get up and the pain in my hip is over the top and it feels like my leg is all jammed up! The pain goes from my hip to my knee then sometimes when its at its worse it goes to my knee to my ankle and it feels like my bones are all out of wack. When it does this I have to try and stand up slowly and get my leg straightend out and walk it off. Once I get over the pain and get my leg walking it works its self out and in a few minutes im ok....but then my hip and thigh bone hurt a little the rest of the day. And I have to be very carfull about getting up and sitting down. I cant get into the doc for another week and today it hurt so bad it feels like its slipping out of the joint or something! Is this possable? Any Ideas? I know I have put this on the back burner for many years and it has caught up with me full force.Thanks

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