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Same story. I had bilateral arthroscoptic knee surgery, meniscus membrane tears both, March 26, 2012. The torn areas were trimmed off not repaired. Everything was going well, PT started 2 days after surgery. My physical therapist is DPT and got my left almost frozen knee cap loosened. He showed me how to tape knee to pull patellar up for pain relief, did ultrasound (I think) on swollen calves which had deep bruising from too tight bandaging. He started me on agressive strength training. I was weak from being unable to do much since Nov 2011. The membrane tears did not show on MRI of left knee (the most painful of the two). Right knee MRI not done. Assumption was arthritis for both. I do have mild arthritis both.
I was walking more, climbing stairs, feeling cocky. Then last week the pain hit on the inside and back of each knee, left much worse. There is also swelling around the surgical sites. Now I am able to do only what is necessary, icing and taking Lortabs prescribed for after the surgery. Physical therapy group wants me to continue with a scaled-down version of what I was doing but having to take pain pills to do PT seems like a bad idea and seem to be making things worst. Anyone have an opinion or experience using pain meds with PT?
I am fearful I have re-injured my knees.
I see the surgeon next week but surgeons do surgery and not much follow up.
Note: I am 67-years-old, 5"4' at 125 pounds.

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