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Dec 5, 2007
I need to find out if anybody else has this problem:

Started quickly both legs had deep pain like a earache feeling, very bad sharp shooting pains also couldn't hardly move my legs with out balling , knees felt tight like swollen feeling. Didn't matter if I laid down or walked around still painful. Calves had bad cramps , shooting pains in my feet, pain went all the way to my thigh. Tried to rest as much as I could and gaining weight in the mean time, I could not get on my treadmill , if I did the pain was to great to finish, I could not function for a week , and then it subsided a little. Then other symptoms started, a dull pain in my left hip both legs felt numbish feeling like when your leg falls asleep and cold feeling all the way up to my butt, then my ankle and knee would give out , knees crack and a lot of burning in my legs, and trying to get up from a sitting position is not a picnic

I went to the neurologist, she did her tests and didn't really find anything wrong with me, so she ordered an MRI thinking it could be spinal stenosis, nothing, she said there was nothing that would warrant my symptoms. She also did blood tests no lupus , she did say my sediment rate was high, which meant some kind of inflammation, but can't pin point it, she also did my porphyrin test , to see if my porphyria was acting up (that is another story) and that was fine. they also did ex rays of my knees nothing but a little arthritis.

I don't have red or swollen legs , just in case someone was thinking about blood clots, something has to be messing with my nerves to have that numbness feeling.

I sure could use some help!!!!!!!

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