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My soon-to-be 81 year old mother is scheduled for total knee replacement in a few weeks. I'm not saying she is physically active, but she is still independent, able to drive, etc. She has a choice of coming home after surgery and having home health do physical therapy or going to a short-term care rehab facility for the PT. Does anyone have any experience with TKR in someone this age, and what do you recommend? Thanks!!
I have not been through this but my husband will need this done shortly. I've done a lot of reading and talked with a lot of people and would hesitate to let my mother be alone while recovering from surgery of this type. People that we have talked with describe the difficulty of getting up/down, on/off the commode. They can be prone to falls which would be bad right after the surgery. I would have my parent spend a week or two at least in a facility before coming home. They will help her learn how to handle the above situations.

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