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Personally I wouldn't wait too long before doing the TKR. While you want to be in a position where you truly need the TKR, you don't want to get yourself into agony debating over it. Also, how old is your husband? I'm holding off on the TKR partially becuase I am 41. My surgeon has said the first TKR will be easy for me and I'd recover well. But if in my 50's or 60's he had to do another TKR as a replacement - that surgery would be more complicated in terms of technique and recovery.

Costs are very hard to determine. Do you have insurance? If so your end costs could differ substantially from other people. Each insurance plan is different so while the total out of pocket costs for one TKR patient may be $1000 or less - someone else could have a high deductable plan that least to co-pays and co-insurance of $5000 or more.

Last year I had a cervical fusion and my plan required I pay the first $5000 in any year. I paid the $5000 for my neck so when my knee needed to be scoped again (in that same year) - since I had met my out of pocket maximums - I payed virtually nothing for the knee surgery.
I feel he should definitely contact his insurance to find out the different coverages and how much his deductible will be and if you have a secondary insurance to cover. My father recently had knee surgery and he is doing very well. Everyone varies on their recovery time due to their age and diagnosis (if he has other ailments). My father was in rehab in a skilled nursing facility for 4 weeks and released home. He continued to have home health care with rehab therapist and nursing care for 4 more weeks. I feel if your fathers's physician says he is a good candidate for surgery and your father is at the end of his rope and ready for the next step, he should definitely have the surgery as soon as possible.

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