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Hip problems
Dec 19, 2007
Let me tell the entire story. when i was 19 i joined the Marine Corps Reserves with a 4year contract. Went to basic training and hurt myself by falling about 7ft off of a log. Tried to get help there and was told i pulled a muscle and they gave me motrin 800mg and sent me on. So i went with it . I sufferd with the pain for about 4 months before i could get any military medical place to actually see what was up with my hip. Come to find out i need a hip pinning because of a fracture in the femural neck. They did that and i recoverd pretty well. For the past 9 months or so i have been having pain in my groin area that affects my sleep and work habits. I cant sit for long periods or it "locks" up on me so to speak. Ive been trying to get the militart to help me out since jan of this year. They pick a doc for me to go to and i have to go to that one since im a reservist. It seems that the doc they have me goin to is just blowing me off or something. He tried a few diff anti-flamatory meds like mobic..etc. Nothing worked. He did a bone scan and said i was fine that it shouldnt be hurting and that was it. I have little over 1 year left on my contract. I need some help before i get out or im all on my own. I tried to stress this to the doc but he just blew it off. Is this pain normal. is there anything that can be done. Anything i should mention to the doc? im lost here guys. Im only 22 and its already affecting my way of living.

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