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[COLOR="Purple"]Anyone who can help, PLEASE DO! I really need to get back to work. I went to my Ortho Surgeon last fall, he said my Left Knee was really Bad, I told him NO, it was the Right one, at work I actually needed someone to walk across the parking lot with me at times to get to the time clock after work because I could feel my knees going out from under me and the severe pain. So September 13th he did Surgery on both knee's (STILL telling me the left was the worst). He only used a small hole on the inside and outside of each knee. It turned out the RIGHT knee was the worst. There was NO cartalige left, so he took a couple tools he called a chisel and hammer and drill, and gave me the pictures and showed me where he broke up the exposed bone so it would heal better. The Left knee didn't need much at all. I had a brace on the right knee for about 2 weeks before he removed it and we began PT on that one.
Now the Left Knee causes more pain, but is getting better, but both knee's are tender and I assume they always will be.
I can't get down to look under furnature at home or beds, I can't even bend the knee's enough to see all my DVD Collection.
If my knee's touch the floor, Chair, bed, pillow, anything at all OWWWWWWWW:blob_fire!!
[U]I can't Squat down? Why Not???[/U]It's really painful! I can stand completely still and both knee's will buckle on me, no pain, nothing, just down I go unless I grab onto something.
[B]It's been 4 months [/B]and I am suppose to be back at work by now, even by the Surgeon terms. So Whats up? I feel like a weakling.
I can't climb stairs to my daughters apartment and go up straight! I have to go up walking sideways, and come down, sideways. My knee's are too tight to bend enough to climb stairs straight up and down like I used too.
Before the surgery I could run up and down them, the severe Pain was walking on the flat surfaces. I did all I was supposed to do. Should I ask for MORE PT??? Or is it a problem with the Surgery??? I am a very active person.
PS: Maybe I should also mention hubby was NO HELP, I was home from the surgery and standing at the stove =walker & all cooking his dinner and serving him in his recliner. Now I look back I should of dumped it on him.

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