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My dear Marie:

Your posting definitely belongs on this board, because your healing and recovery after complete hip replacement will be dependent on following all restrictions - such as not bending below waist level, sitting at 90 degree angle, etc. - all the restrictions that your hip surgeon gives you. You will need frequent rest in between daily care activities you do yourself, such as sponge bathing, toileting, fixing meals for yourself, washing up dishes, getting in and out of bed. This is what I am doing, and it fills my entire day and night. I have always been a very energetic and busy woman, but can't be that way right now.

Because I am recently widowed, I have no other person to care for here at home - but do have a kitty that is wonderful company and needs to have her water and food bowls kept filled and her litter pan cleaned daily. I have her things up on tables so that I don't have to bend to the floor. I have washer and dryer on the same floor here in my own apartment and use the reacher to get wet clothes out of the washer and dry clothes from the dryer. I can manage to get things done but it goes very slowly. I am still using the walker but think might be able to go to the cane before too long. There is no way I can bend down to make the bed, so it goes unmade - but that doesn't bother me. Wearing clean clothes and bathing keeps the bed from getting what one would call "dirty" and it doesn't look all that messy. Besides, I lie down many times during the day. I don't have visitors, so who cares.

If your husband is not willing to pitch in and do household chores that you cannot do for a while yet, you might want to have someone come in daily for an hour or so, and good to have someone in once a week to neaten up the whole place. There is no way, in my opinion, that you can fix regular type meals for him and you - it is hard enough to manage to get your own. If I were you I would get my own meal and let him shift for himself. You cannot wait on him, after the surgery, for quite some time. Let him do his own laundry.

I am just about a month past the surgery (December 12 surgery, and today is January 11) and I am not yet ready to resume my usual household routine even without another person present in my home.

I lie down frequently, walk around the place, sit down at the computer - all to not only do the work and have a little fun, but to change my position frequently - which is important to avoid getting stiff and sore.

If I were you, which I am not, I would do everything I can for myself alone, and your husband will either take care of himself or go without! It sounds like he is not willing to really pitch in to keep things "normal" and/or give you some care and help, so you have to make sure you are taking care of yourself. No discussion necessary, just be sure you get the self care you must have. It is "all about you" at this time and has to be! ;)

Shirley H.

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