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Dear Marie:

As for grocery shopping and careless people who could bump against you - I found even before my hip replacement that the grocery carts are wonderful "walkers". I have heard others say they grab one as soon as they can to use for support. I haven't been to the grocery since the surgery, but am thinking that I can fold up my walker and put it in the cart and use the cart again as a walker. Will see how that works.

The booklet from the hospital, that they sent before the surgery, said that I would have to wear the TEDS after coming home and take them off twice a day and put them back on. This did not turn out to be so. After my first post op visit to the hip surgeon, he said I didn't need to wear the TEDS anymore either day or night. I was glad to get rid of them because of the putting on and taking off. However, the dressing stick is great for prying off socks and TEDS. Also, the sock put er on er can also be used to put on TEDS. This was a surprise to me. I of course had just the knee length TEDS. For thigh high TEDS I did have a larger put er on er that I bought ahead of time. I didn't use it this time but am keeping it for possible future use. We never know....

It sounds to me like you are really geared up for your home recovery. Good for you! It really pays to be prepared ahead of time.

I am looking forward to hearing from you when you feel like typing after the surgery. :)

Shirley H.

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