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My dear Marie:

I think it is only natural to be afraid that we will do something to damage our new hip! It is necessary, I have found, to be very careful in whatever I do physically - to observe all the precautions. This does take constant vigilance and is tiring.

My hip surgeon said I was to not do straight leg lifts, or abduction with my new hip. Abduction means moving the leg away from the middle of the body. I even had to tell this to one physical therapist who wanted me to do right leg abductions. It was quite hard to convince him that I was not supposed to do these but I insisted. Each of us might have individual restrictions that differ from those of others having a new hip. Be sure you know what these are for you and be strict about observing them. Bring a list of questions along to your first post op visit to your hip surgeon. The computer and printer are handy for this! I used a really big font and my surgeon penciled in his answers. This was so helpful to me.

As the days went by, I became less anxious about recovery, but I still observe precautions about not bending too far, not twisting, putting operated leg forward when sitting and rising. I too don't want to harm my new hip. I no longer really need my leg lifter, but I still use it so as to save energy in getting in and out of bed. Don't need it any more for getting in and out of the car but take it along just in case.

As for emotional lability, I noticed after my hysterectomy a couple years ago, that I teared up instantly at TV programs, etc. and still do to this day. It may have to do with the major insult to our bodies with surgery of any kind. If the tears want to come, let them! Tears are good. They give us emotional release.

Very important to lie down often - don't make yourself keep going for hours. Do some work around the house, then lie down for a while, then get up and do some more, etc. Do only the very essential tasks. A few dust bunnies never hurt anything!

Be very indulgent with yourself. However, the more walking you do the better! Keep doing those bed exercises too, but don't over do them either. Walking is the very best exercise for that new hip.

Remember that you have a long time to get back to whatever is normal for you. I had the surgery on December 12 and am still using the walker because I feel most stable with that. Have a cane and will starting using that when I feel ready. No sense in rushing things and then go backwards in my recovery. I am older than you, my dear, so give myself some slack! Improvement has come each day.

Please keep reading and posting. You can help others with your experiences,
and we all who have gone before you, want to know how you are doing. :)

Shirley H.

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