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This is a GREAT message board....!!! It is the first place where I am reading about all types of TKR surgeries, experiences and recoveries. Not just worst case scenario, total disaster TKR's. I am encouraged, but still VERY, VERY, VERY scared.....!!!

I am scheduled to have TKR next week, October 21st and I have been [B]QUITE FREAKED[B][/B][/B] about the whole thing.

I am 53 years old and I have been living with right knee pain for years and I just dealt with it. Every morning I would pop a handfull of Aleeve and off I would go. The pain has been getting worse over time and a few weeks ago, something happened while I was in the Kitchen making Dinner, an UNBELIEVEABLE pain just shot through my right knee and things just have gone downhill since then. I have actually started limping and I can not walk around much at all. As I told my family, my knee only hurts when I stand or walk....;)

I went to my Orthopedic Doctor hoping he could do a quick fix, or give me drugs, shots of some kind, but, he took a look at my x-rays and was like, "How LONG have you been living with knee pain?"

He showed me my x-rays and pointed out where my knee is bone on bone and where a depression is being formed from the bone crushing into it. He said that the ONLY option for me was TKR, I asked about drugs, shots, etc... And he said No, those were only temporary fixes.

I am many, many, many pounds overweight. I KNOW that being this heavy will not help, I brought up my concern with my Doctor a few days ago. He seems to think that having the TKR will enhance my lifestyle and help me get back into shape because now it WON'T hurt to walk or stand for a few minutes at a time.

Now that I am just a few days away from my surgery, there are thoughts and questions just whirling about my head.....

Like, will the epidural hurt, how much pain will I be in after surgery, how much pain will I be in during recovery, how long will it take to say, "I am glad I did this", will going up and down stairs be tricky/scary, should I go home after surgey and have the PT person come to my house or should I go to rehab, is this a HUGE mistake, will I regret it, what if something goes wrong and I have other/more problems then what I have now, why can't my Doctor just give me some pills, can't something be injected into the knee, like a gel or something, should I put off surgery till I loose a substantial amount of weight (which could be next year OR never....), how long do these new knees last for, will being heavy reduce their "lifespan", can I donate blood with an artificial knee, and finally, should I talk myself out of this surgery.....???

I am used to be "in charge" of my life and home. I am having difficulty accepting the fact that my Husband will be "in charge", taking care of me, being the "caregiver", not me. That is my roll, I have nursed him through back, knee and ankle surgeries and recoveries. I have taken care of my Daughter when she has been ill. People don't take care of me. It is a very strange place to be.

A part of me really does NOT want to have this surgery but, another part of me KNOWS that I have reached a fork in the road concerning my knee. I can keep going like I am and most likely end up having to have an electric wheelchair. And THAT would be MOST DISTRESSING at my age.

Or, I can suck it up, be brave, and try and help myself have a better quality of life. When I was at the Joint Class at the hospital last week, I looked around at all the "old" people in the room and realized that if these people in their late 60's and 70's can do this, SO CAN I......!!! (I think.....;))

I am hopefull that all WILL go well with this surgery, but, I am also scared of ALL the "What If's"......

After reading all the posts, it seems like TKR's are kind of like gambling, some turn out REALLY WELL, some are QUITE GOOD, some are just good, some a just OK, some are Not so good, some are kind of bad and unfortunately, some are very bad. I just have to hope that mine WILL fall into the "Really Well" category. Time will tell.

Reading all of your posts is helpfull, insightfull, truthfull and yes, a bit scary too.

Thank You All for posting.

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