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[QUOTE=Kneejerk101;4094415]I had some lower back pain and still do occasionally when I don't walk correctly. I had a nurse coming to my house weekly during the first few weeks I was home and she said the back pain was because I wasn't walking right. I have had severe pain in both knees for a long time and I realized that the nurse was right because I would baby whichever knee was bothering me most and I would get backaches. I have been walking incorrectly since surgery. I had no problems bending it or doing exercises, I just couldn't walk properly. I had forgotten how to walk LOL. Since I have started serious therapy I have learned to walk properly, but at times I revert to the way I used to walk and my back does bother me. Your therapist will help you with all of that and while in the beginning of therapy your pain may increase it doesn't last and then you'll notice an improvement. Everyone recovers at different rates, don't compare yourself with anyone else. I have a friend who is the same age as me who had her surgery in May and it took her til late August to be able to drive. She had a rough time of it. And of course I thought this would happen to me also and got very anxious. Work your therapy and do small things first around the house, do something so that you can see the improvement and you will feel better emotionally. I am currently on antidepressants because I fell into a depression because I couldn't do anything. So now I keep a list of everything I do in a day and while I'm not where I was, I am accomplishing something. Yesterday I walked 4 blocks, first time I did this and I had no pain. I did ice it when I got home to prevent any pain. I never got any pain so I'm going to try to do that everyday. It is so hard not to be able to do every day things, but you will do them eventually, your pain will diminish eventually. Give yourself some small goals each day and write them down. It is working for me, I pray it will work for you. Good Luck....................................Barb[/QUOTE]

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"] Thanks for the advice Biblebarb. I go to PT tomorrow. They are trying to work around my sciatic nerve thing, but that means they ease up on the other stuff. I will do as the surgeon says - heat and ice alternated on the lower back and hope for the best. I'm between a rock and a hard place because inactivity means more stiffness and pain...and lots of walking and exercising causes more pain in the back.
Think I'll head out now this evening for a little stroll - pain or no pain. LOL [/FONT][/QUOTE]

I had a lot of low back and hip pain and got a lot of relief with chiropractic and massage (also soaking in a hot bath tub). Having walked improperly for so many years, my body had adjusted to that and with the new knee and learning to walk normally, it took some time to get it all working well again. You are on the right track--it will improve--mine did. Hang in there.

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