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Re: Curious!
Feb 24, 2008
Yes, displacement can show up on x-rays..that is how they found mine. It has to be a standing up x-ray, and your knees need to be slightly bent. You can displace your patella pretty easily. The first time I displaced mine, the only thing I did was stand up from a kneeling position. I also partially tore my hamstring tendon by doing the same thing. As you can tell by this, I am just as accident prone as you are! I was pretty active before this knee thing started and they still said my inner quad muscles were weak. Maybe a different style of brace would help you. Do you limp a lot when you walk?

It sounds like the ortho that diagnosed you didn't really care about your situation. I hope that you find one that does. I felt horrible after my first ortho said she would not do the surgery even though she said that was the only thing that would help me. The doctor that I am going to now told me that he would do whatever he could to help me. I hope that you can find a doctor like that.

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