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Feb 14, 2008
SO, ive finally had my mri ( feb 7th ) and im dieing to know what the heck is wrong with my darn knee, and the doctors saying i wont know whats wrong for almost TWO WEEKS when i read somewhere like two days! I just want to know whats wrong so maybe ill somehow get out of pain some way or another even though i doubt it will be getting that fast! Any how, at work because they just moved into a new office, the main carpenter was there finishing up a few last details, and my mom and i got talking to him and she mentioned how she was working with a injured person ( aka me ) and he was saying how hes had some injuries to his knee's before and he was talking about how i should get a brace for now like just a cheaper one from a drug store for hte time being, and he was saying how cause if you let it go for to long you could end up with a permanet limp, and about how my knee swells at the back of the knee and gets bruised at the back because i use it, he was mentioning that it could be something not at the back wrong but the front like my acl or something along those lines. When he said that it kind of knocked me into reality about it, because alot have said maybe meniscus and ive thouight that to because of where it is and when my chiropractor who does sports injuries was trying to treated it conservativly, he would barely apply preasure on the back of my knee where it swells and i was in agony! So ive kind of been shoved to square onewonderig whats up, and because of how it cracks! It makes the loudest cracking noise, and when it cracksin my knee i can feel like preasures buidling up and so when it cracks it HURTS extremlllyyyy bad! Latly it seems to have been getting worse when it cracks, it doesnt always do it everytime i bend it but latly its beene exxtremly baddd! Its cracking just about everytime now and its soo painful between that and the swelling, and the fact im limping like crazy when im walking as if i have to dragggg my knee behind me because it doesnt want to go! im extremly curious as to why my knee actually bruises when i use it even for 10 minutes at a store it bruises and thats painful to touch, more then a normal bruise! now if i do have to get booked for surgery for ortho is there a longgg waiting list! My last surgery i signed papers that i want it on feb 1st and didnt get in until August 31st! and im not wanting to have another wasted summer of hardly being able to do much because im starting to really not want to force my knee to do the stuff i have done for the last 3 years with it allow it didnt get to how it is nowuntil august, but its been over the last 3 years, so i just wish it would be before summer but im not sure whatt waiting lists are like at my hospital for this:mad:

but anyways! I dont quite know what can honestly be said anymore im possibly hopeless until the 22ed of feb, but if you have anything youd like to share :) id be happy to hear it!
Re: Curious!
Feb 22, 2008
thats what i think would be best, because im not all that satistified cause i mean you cant just tell someone whos in soo much pain hardly anything, its just kind of fustrating because doesnt this problem cause that cracking, which they kept making my kneee do so now my knees extremlyyy sore under my knee cap!
But yea i wore it to my co-op today and it was KILLING the back of my knee where its like "swollen" or whatever the fluid is or what not! Like i dont know if its on right but it was hurting me more then it was helping me and i dont want to waste like 113 bucks if i dont even use it! I dont know if its because i was in a hurray and just put it on the best i could because it wouldnt work right for me, but i dont know its been a fustrating two days having to see two different surgeons! And the fact as soon as i LEFT my ent my tonsillitis came back so im completly zomped right now,
Re: Curious!
Feb 23, 2008
Yes, the cracking you feel could be from the kneecap displacement. Have you scheduled the physical therapy yet? If you have, I would ask the therapist how the brace is supposed to fit. It is hard to give you any more advice about the brace since I don't know what type of brace you have. Sometimes, it is just trial and error until you find the right brace for you. I have worn 5 different knee braces over the last 2 years. The one that I am wearing now seems to be helping the kneecap stay in place.
Re: Curious!
Feb 25, 2008
First of all, how long ago were the x-rays done? If it was more than a few months ago, then they may need to be repeated because they may show some damage now that did not show up on the first ones. As far as the grinding is concerned, I feel the cracking/grinding sensations in two different spots at the back of my knee. One area is toward the outside of my knee, and the other spot is toward the middle of my knee.

As far as the brace goes, I have a lot of times when the stabilizing part hurts my knee too. There are so many types of knee braces on the market, maybe you might want to look for another one. Either that or you might want to reconsider using crutches just to keep the weight off of it. I know I sound like a broken record...sorry about that

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