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Re: Curious!
Mar 13, 2008
yea i know, thats what i keep telling myself, but because of HOW i am, i dont like to give up, and i like to prove others wrong, and what not! Well i should be getting set up with another, next week because thats when my doctor wants to see me! i mean i started to be able to see stuff on mri, i can see my knee cap problem, and in certain ones my meniscus has a line running through it um, across it from side to side, and looks funny but in others it doesnt, and then in other views it looks like the one side as like cartilage and then in others it just looks bone to bone, but ive got an UNTRAINEd eye, so im not going to like get that stuck in my head, but its just stuff i noticed from picture to picture!

So! Im just i think feeling edgey more than before because for SOME reason when my tonsillitis is going to start up again, i become really edgey and because ive been getting fevers, im pretty sure that wont be much longer before it comes back!

And because im a fighter not a quiter, im going to hvae to start bring my knowledge to the table, and just allow them to see i no more about knees then they realize! Cause right now im letting them take me for everything i got, and i guess i need to start standing up for myself more!! But you can say TODAYS THE DAYim going to tell them everything im thinking! And then you get there and you like freeze and you just agree with them because you feel WOW they're the ones who no there stuff!

And i know right now my knee caps sitting right on the bone which is why it popped out that other day because he says its in "transition" and its sitting right on that one bone! And it looks gross, compared to my other knee! But the thing i find kind of fishy is how its only minimal, i dont think that, it would cause the back of the knee problem, like i dont no how bad is yours?

Like i understand like about yours because im pretty sure your case is worse than mine! So i understand how yours could be putting pressure and causing that problem, i dont see how mine could be doing that! And just how with my right knee, if i lay on my back and stretch my leg up straight i can do it! I try with my left, i get 1/2 way and all i get is this CRAZYYY burning sensation and then my knee wont want to go any further hurts to much!

At this point my mom is feeling like she wants me to quit physio, just because its her who has to pay this out, my dads not helping with it, and for what they did last time my chiro did and gave up, because electrodes didnt help and THAT was HALF the price for what MY PHYSIO DID!

Except im keep saying NO i cant, i want to prove to my ortho that its NOT going to help the back of my knee problem! I dont even KNOW if its doing to help my knee cap problem, like ive always been physical and my muscles are built not that bad, and if my muscles were already STRONG before i started physio, then i get believe my orthos big deal about just weak muscles because like prior to physio, and august i was still doing my thing, playing soccer with my cousins, but than after i played soccer with my cousin my knee just completly went and did what its been doing, and that was without any falls, but we were playing on like dry mud/dirt with grass just starting to grow, so like im not even sure if i caught my foot in taht or not like and i mean ive done EVERYTHING that could wreck your knee, ive done gymnastics, soccer, football ( in gym ) and running 2k all the time, and roller blading, and wrestling, and volleyball, and all that STUFF! And this was all except gymnastics within the time my knee started to go HAYwire, but it started during my soccer season, it acted up one game after something happened, then after a while disappeared and then came on and off and then it was like a switch flipped and it always stayed on!

I used to be amaaazing at high jump, but than after whatever i did to my knee that one year, i couldnt do it anymore, i couldnt jump off the leg (left) that i used to get over the bar and i cant take off using my right, so yea know ive lost soo many things i LOVE to do, i cant bike or rollerblade play soccer OR EVEN just go play with my dogs in a field and have them chase me, like we got a german shepard to go along with our little sheltie i havent really been able to just go off with them and play with them, cause if i run just for a couple seconds my knee at the back goes POOF, swollen!

So, yea i want my life back:) and i cant even WORK right now which id like to so isave for university which ISNT far away :(! So im thinking its time i need more answers, a clear answer, even if it means just exploring my knee to see whats going on, to clear my mind and give me SOME answers!

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