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Re: Curious!
Feb 23, 2008
My knee cap has never given me problems, i had problems with my right knee cap because that one i hurt, but it was because there was swelling under my knee cap from injuring it that it was just pushing it out which made ti loose but it was fine once it recovered! They really didnt pay attention to anything he never asked me on question! the resident had said i think you have meniscus problems, until the ortho came and completly just shuned everything they thought, and went on with them and like never really paid attention to me!

Well see ive been trying to put this stupid brace on all day, except everytime now its actually bugging me, like it absolutly doesnt feel right, my knee cap doesnt slip one bit,and i find its still pushing on the buldge except i dont want to waste this for the money my parents have to spend out!

Like before i got my mri and into ortho i did SO much research trying to find something that sounds like whats wrong, i mean i have pages after pages on everything you can imagine, and i sttarted to focus on the meniscus i went through all of that again today and i mean it sounds so much more like that then it does what they say! and ive tried to look up info on what they say is wrong but there is hardly anything! I could hardly find anything, like still i barely push on the back where it hurts and im in agonyyyy! like ijust wish he had actually looked at whatever cause he did focus on the front pushing on parts around my knee cap asking does this hurt!

I mean i didnt feel NOTHING what so ever!
I dont know, like im guessing they did the same thing and they push on certain areas and ask if it hurt, like im just curious if you ever like noticed pain or anything!

I mean when i kneel down my knee pops so loud it echo's and the resident heard that,
haha im almost feeling cheated! I dont know how, because i guess if i was him i would want to hear it from the person myself, and understand more because you cant face that problem hearing it from someone else because you dont always hear everything, and what not!

Ive honestly hardly if not never felt pain around my knee cap, its honestly always been at the back! it gets soo big behind my knee just at the one side, and it almost feels like it will explode! There are so many times i honestly think the back of my knee is just going to burst open!

Ok, so when do you find like the pain is worse! Is there always llike pain or is it an off and on kind of thing. Oh, and what kind of pain is like a sharp pain, dull and achy or what not! Is it always just in one spot or does it start in one place and go to another?!

See when i try to put my leg straight, i cant because when i do it feels like somethings burning, and like im stressing something at the back!
Re: Curious!
Feb 23, 2008
No that doesnt move. Its the exact same on both my knees, nothing really abnormal. but i guess, the whole run down of everything migh kinda help i guess!:confused:

Oh i know what they are called, but they said yesturday it wasnt the Chondromalacia they said because of something that i cant remember.
I mean i first noticed this during one soccer game i couldnt run because my knee hurt so bad, and was soo large at the back. But then it would go away and not happen for maybe a month or two or three happen again while walking, then disappear again and when that happened it would lock up, not bend and would swell then went away like 2 minutes after if not a few seconds later. It did that for almost 3 years! Until this past august, and i just remember today, there was at some point this past summer i think around the time my knee got worse, my cousin and i were out playing soccer and running nad stuff, and it was around then that my knee got worse. Ive had my knee give out on me going up stairs at school if i hadnt caught my balance i would have fallen, which would have just been the funnest thing! And whenever i walked just after it started getting worse it was only at the back it hurt, never at the front, the pain would radiate almost from the back to the side of my knee and it bruises up at the back to, where its sore if i were to be off of it and then use it again it will bruise from walking and what not, and there are times where i could be just sitting and feel like almost something in my knee is like vibrating, and then theres times its like when something feels like it gets clogged, and just BURSTS open like a pipe thats clogged.
I had done my grade 9. gym on it as well running 2k every week, and it didnt really bug me for a bit in gym i did use just a tensor while playing soccer in gym, except it didnt really do anything because it was just still the one and off again thing, and wasnt painful then unless it was swelling at the back.

nows a slightly different story, its painful day and night, if i dont keep my knee bent its deffintly just not happy! And if its not bent it always feels like something inside at the back is just burning, like irriated and burning,! Also latly its been giving out alot because ive been using it so much that every few seconds it would just give out. And i have high pain tolerance, and i typically take pain pretty well, but with this is unbelievable, the amount of times i would come home from school and be almost in tears because the pain is sooo severve and painful! At times it feels like i have to dragg my knee because it just doesnt seem to work, so its like im dragging my knee behind me because it just doesnt seem to bend normally. And it gets hard to weight bear sometimes.
i did see my moms chriopractor who does sport injury stuff, and tried electrodes on my knee, and found that at the back i had alot of nots in my muscles which he said could have possiblybeen because it was protecting whatever was going on or something! And he actually gave up trying because as he started to get it better, my knee just completly went back and unfixed what he had fixed, and he looked at it and deffintly hardly put pressure on certain parts at the back and it hurt so bad! And he did the front of my knee to pushing on certain spots and still didnt feel any pain there.
I mean before all this i biked every you could imagine up and down hills, like 2 hours at a time to go from where i live to another place which included hills and what not. I would walk to and from the lake which is a fair distance, and i used to be able to go for jogs, and i cant even go out for a walk with my dogs and mom because like she says all the time its like taking a 80 yaer old with you! I cant even walk to school i wouldnt make it, id get 1/4 way and my knee wouldnt want to go any further! Um since i was little i biked just about every where rain or shine, snow, everything, plus things like gymnastics and soccer road hockey with my family, and neighbours and what not still did that until august.

i fear going on maybe an hour car ride if im not in a front seat because it feels like pressure builds in my knee and if it doesnt pop it kills, but that still ocne again hurts at the back! i cant kneel either or else the popping happens and it hurts sooooooo bad! And even when i swing my leg a little bit it pops almost near the back and sounds like something is almost gridning maybe, and the popping/crackig whatever has been getting alot worse this past month.

Now the swelling, water whatever it is, goes away if i lay off my knee for about maybe 3 weeks, without using it a great deal, it had gone away and felt perfectly fine during the time i was off for surgery but with 3 days of walking on it it was stiff, and didnt want to bend, huge at the back, and just how it had been before.
Re: Curious!
Mar 13, 2008
If your kneecap was actually on the bone, then that is exactly like mine. It does look gross, doesn't it? My kneecap constantly pops in and out though which is annoying and dangerous (especially since that caused me to fall and break my hand..boy, casts are fun..not!). The swelling may actually be from two problems at the same time..the kneecap thing and something else. Did you get the written reports with the films? I am not a quitter either. Don't give up and make sure that you tell them what you are thinking...even if they are "experts", your input is still important. Scoping your knee may be the only way they can tell exactly what is wrong with your knee.

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