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Feb 24, 2008
I appreciate all the other suppot some others on the forum! Im just really wanting to see if anyone else's has anything to add!

For 3 years, Since my last soccer season i could play, ive had on and off swelling at the back of my knee, my knee would feel like it would lock, and become extremly stiff, and i believe then it also hurt sometimes to weight bear!
It happened periodicly and would disappear for a good while at times, and just happen out of the blue if i was walking, or running.

It did start during soccer, and i can't recall if anything happened to it or not! Which is driving me nuts! but i vagly remember a time where something happened in a game, and they said if your hurt just stay down but i got back up and i think that game i was limping alot expecially when i first got up. But i still played on it plus biking basketball and alot of walking!

It did the off and on swelling stiffness thing for 3 years, until this past august it got really bad, it kept swelling and wouldnt go down! i couldnt even go out for a walk with my dogs and mom, and i couldnt jog anymore.

Now 2 years after this started i HAD gone to my doctor because i had injured my right knee, and the muscles underneath that knee cap were inflamed which was pushing out my knee cap and it was moving around alot. And while there i mentioned what my left knee did and all i got was " well if it doesnt go away you might need surgery"

I mean now it has gotten so bad, if i sit on the floor i need someone to pull me up or else i wont be getting up because its hard! my knee feels like a door hing that needs oil!
I fear to kneel as well because the pop/cracking it makes is extremly painful, and the crack is sooo loud it will echo in a room, which kind of sucked at an exam i dropped something and ti poped so loud and course everyone looks and its just weird!

Anyway, Um stairs going up im really slow because it likes to try and give out, i had it once try and give out on mebecause i was trying to speed up because of the poeple behind me! Going down my knee deffintly feels unstable. ive often thought it was going togive out on me. Um, just going to a store for an hour my knee will want to give out because its had enough, and if its not bent most of the time just slightly its extremly unhappy!

I saw a sport injury chiropractor who used electrodes on my knee, and found that my muscles were knoted at the back near where it swells, and when he barely applied pressure on the back at the left side it hurt like i couldnt beelieve! but he gave up because whatever he corrected it uncorrected it when i used my knee.

Swelling or what not doesnt go away unless i am off my knee for a good few weeks, it was at one point a weekend of being off it and it was fine, now its alot more than that for it to settle down. Everyone kept leaning toawrds it being a meniscus problem. And ive done SO much reseacrch on knee problems you wouldnt believe the amount of stuff i have, and everything seemed to sound exactly like it!

But i had my mri done, on feb 7th, and i had ortho this past friday, and it was kind of a bummer because the resident paid more attention to what i had to say then even while examining my knee he paid more attention to what my knee did when he did different things to it, and after that he said i really think you have meniscus problems. And then left the room and said he was going to go find the ortho, but when the ortho came in he shock my hand and my moms and that was basically all he said to me was hello, he paid more attention to his residence like i was a plastic person, and they were experimenting.
But anyways all my mri said was that i had minimal Patella Displacement and fluid in my knee joint.
except its so controversial because he said there isnt much difference between my knee caps and movement, and what not, and he barely paid attention with i had to say, never asked me anything!

I get extremly painful sharp pains in the back that can start from the back and move to the side and partially the front. Im having enough trouble just having to get through school, because it becomes soo painful.

But anyways, the ortho said he just thinks its weak muscles, and stuff and then said to do PHYSIO for 3 months 2-3 times a week, and hten braced for that time to, except when i was getting my brace they said so where do youfeel your patella slipping, and im going uhh.... ive never had it slip on me never has it slipped out on me ive never had a problem with that.
Ive tried tow ear the stupid thing but its actually BUGGING my knee cap, because its putting so much pressure on it im scared its actually going to make it have problems!

And the ortho said that most people have a little bit of a displaced patella, and didnt seem overly concerned about that
But he said because nothing about ligaments or cartilage showed on mri that theres no much to go on.
And im afraid to start physio because, my knee wont be able to stand up to it.

Im wanting to get another referral to another ortho, because i want someone whos actually going to take the time and listen and actaully talk tome about it and try and actually help!

So right now, im feeling overwhelmed, cheated, and fustrated, because ive been waiting so LONG to get answers, and i got know where, and i almost feel like in denial about this patella brace and stuff because its never slipped on me and fromw aht he said makes me feel like its actually nothing to be worried about, except im in extreme pain and im basically having to put my life on hold with all this, and to not be able to be given the answers, or have anything explained to you gets extremly fustrating!

I dont no how many people can actaully help and give any advice but im feeling so desperate right now :) im wanting any opinions anything at all that anyone wants to share!

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