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The last two replacements I have had have been ceramic balls. The previous one had a plastic liner which did fail and this resulted in me needing my hip replaced for the 4th time in '06.

My new hip is still ceramic with a metal liner instead. The range of motion, from what I have found from one of the foremost best hip replacement doctors and researchers in the US, Bernard Stulburg (sp) is that it is not based on material, it is the size of the ball. The larger the ball the greater the range of motion and the less chance of dislocation.

Hips today should last 20 years, all parts independantly replacement and non cemented with the research I found and the many disccusions I've personally had with my doctor. Trust me having 4 hip replacements by the age of 40 is something I do not take lightly.

I strongly suggest 2nd and 3rd opinions before rushing out for the surgery itself. Educate yourself on the "after life" of the surgery and amount of pain you may or may not have.

Like you, I have masses of scar tissues from so many surgeries. Most doctors have reopened the previos incisions and the last doctor, Stulburg, actually cleaned out masses of scar tissue. The problem with scar tissue is that it will regrow back, there's nothing that can be done about this at this time. There is some experimention going on with scar tissue prevention but I am not sure that in the US it's actually being used.

Lastly, a good ortho will never use a socket with a plastic liner. In fact they are incredibly difficult to get anymore.

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