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I impacted my right patella tendon where it attaches to the tibia nearly two years ago on a rock in Galveston Bay. Later that night, i tried to clean it out, but the pain was too much and I went to the ER. There, they never debride the area and there was a tear halfway through the tendon. A large lump developed over several months, and no one knew what was going on. Over a year later, an MRI revealed severe inflammation and debris inside the tendon itself. A surgeon took on the task of removing the debris and cleaning out the tendon where it attaches to the tibia mostly on the medial side of the right knee. Not long after, I was moving around and trying to run, but it still hurt and the lump was already growing again. Then, I was still unable to extend my leg with any additional weight. After many repeated modalities with physical therapy, we still were not getting anywhere and the surgeon even admitted he did not know what to do next because he could not figure out what was going on.
I was then referred to another surgeon who took on these daunting injuries, which he did take a long look to understand what was going on. Again, I'm back in surgery. This time, he removed a lot of granulated mess that my body was building up over the site and tendon, removed some more necrotic tendon, and overall cleaned up the entire site.
Once out of surgery later that night, the lump was visibly gone, but some swelling was still there as expected. Any flexion with my quadriceps resulted immediately with some of the worst pain I've ever felt.
Over time, with physical therapy, I started walking again. But, I noticed the swelling never went down on the knee, and now even the physical therapist has noticed it's no longer just swelling. The area that was swollen is all around the tendon at the tibial tubercle and on both sides with a massive mound that is now solid. The surgical incision does not move like normal skin and appears to be attached to the tendon or otherwise. And, the tendon itself is getting more painful again.
I'm going back to the doctor tomorrow for a follow up to try and discover what is happening now, but I'm losing faith in what's happening and what can be done. The doctor is renowned through Houston as being one of the best, and given what he's done I do agree with this. BUT, the situation is becoming increasingly frustrating. My legs are atrophied, I'm limping, I can't squat, and my quality of life is diminishing. My quality of life has faded dramatically as I'm extremely active in water sports and basketball, both of which I have not enjoyed in nearly two years.
So, I'm posting this with hope that someone has experienced a situation like this with some form of suggestion on what direction to go or who to go to. Everything that has happend surgically to repair the site due to the non-debridement at the emergency room has been almost counter-productive as my body seems to react negatively each time. Any help that anyone can give in any way is appreciated...

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