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Ugh, I feel your pain trust me!! I have had knee pain and problems since my 20s, I am now 41. I've had 2 "clean outs" of my right knee, cleaning away scar tissue. The last one was 11 years ago. They said I had condramalatia (sp) of the patella. 2 years ago I had an MRI which found that I had hardly any cartlidge in my right knee. Throughout my life, I have just lived with it. When I go to a Dr. they just tell me to do exercises and I do for a while, then I just forget about it. I can't squat or sit on my heels in yoga. This past Monday I woke up with horrible pain on the inside of my knee. It has hurt, mostly in the afternoons, all week, to the point I am in tears. I take 3 advil and ice, then it feels a little better. I made an appoint to see another Dr. in two weeks. I have started to be less active because of my knees and that's not how I want to live my life. I know it's partly my fault because I just don't keep up with the PT, but after a while you just want it fixed!!

I know this probably doesn't help with your questions, but you are not alone!!

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