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Re: THR and flying
Mar 12, 2008
I'll give it to you straight. I think you will be asking a lot of your 6-wk-old hip. While you can minimize the risks of DVT by doing ankle pumps and getting up to walk around every hour, there is precious little you can do to alleviate the discomfort of sitting in an airplane seat for 19 hours. Here is why I say this: I took a 900 mile car trip at 3 months, stopping to get out and walk around for 5-10 minutes at rest stops every hour or two. (This journey was broken into 2 days, BTW). By the time we arrived I had resorted to lying in the back seat so I could put my feet up. Sitting with my feet on the floor for that long was definitely NOT COMFORTABLE and I was miserable.
However if you could fly a class such as business or first that provides a seat that makes into a bed where you can stretch out, that would be ideal.
Also, I didn't know that sleeping pills were proscribed because of DVT risk. Ask your doctor to be sure because it sounds as if you might welcome some help sleeping through this flight!

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