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Thats so unfair though. You shouldnt have to be passed around. You need a surgeon like mine who just goes in and scopes it because after physio fails, then you cant do much more than scope it because you cant go by the outside you need to know whats going on, on the inside. Which on our part makes us suffer until they finally go and say oh we need to scope it after you go through how much bull..
Its dumb
Thats ok ive been suffering these days literally i move from walking up and all i get is grinded and popping my right is getting extremly painful so im always trying ot balance from one leg to another while standing because if i stand on the one for too long it hurts and then standon the other for too long adn it hurts so its always a battle!
My count downs at 10 today. I have mixed feelings still its still not real like someones going to actually take me serious and understand im in pain. My pain concern is that they discover WHY i have the pain at the back and what the heck is up with my PCL because he first said oh arthritis but my xrays are cleannnnn! And everyone else said no no no way to young and what not i dont care how young but xrays are cleanof all that so im like confussed and theres nothing out there about fanning of the fibers of the proxima incersion of the PCL, consistant with degenerative changes.. NOTHING!
people one here have said oh its normal over the age of like 35 but its like LOOK im only 16 17 next month! thats NOT right!

Cause personally i dont want to go through with it if they DO NOT get rid of that problem because that kills me more than the knee cap does, my right knee hurts more under my knee cap than my left and MY LEFTS WORSE!
GO figure and if i cant get an answer oh man im not going to be happy.
cause i dont want to go through surgery to BE LEFT with that pain still there, no way and i have a huge fear of anestetic i have no problem wanting to do a job with it but i always fear ill never wake up and it will be the end of me..,. kind of thing so that is slightly making me nervous but once it comes closer ill be going oOH WELL, yyoull be fine. AND hopefully have your knee fixed and then just deal with the right and hopefully they will be fine for a while!!!

i Just SURE hope some how you find a way to find someone WHOS there to just give you what you actually need?
HOW long has it even been since you have had this problem?

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