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Thanks. I'm going up and down--actually feeling down today--the doctor did mention that I'd most likely have a 1/4 inch difference between right and left leg after surgery because left hip is also impacted and its short right now too. He said this would be corrected whenever the left hip is done. He didn't seem to think this was a big deal. In reading posts here, I am assuming this discrepancy could be significant for my gait, but also be corrected with orthotics. I've worn orthotics before and didn't find them to be a big deal. But, today, I feel worried. I'm more mentally prepared for the right hip surgery and not at all ready to think about the left hip--mostly because it doesn't hurt me right now.

I'm also just generally fretting because I've never had any surgery before (not counting tonsillectomy as a child) and I have some fear that this is the beginning of a decline into feebleness, etc. (being over dramatic I know ) but, after moping out loud at the gym this morning, a friend reminded me today about a saying her mother had along the lines of "everyone's got to have something" as they age and key is to take care of yourself and have a good attitude....Her mother is in her 80s and perking along fine after several surgeries and illness. She just refuses to see herself as sick or an invalid...So, I keep trying to remind myself that this is just a biomechanical issue and I'm fortunate that it is something that can be improved, if not totally mended. Sigh. My family members are asking me to consider August as a date. Doctor is booked a month out, so August is open for him. Will discuss with boss,etc. But, August gives me lots of time to work out fears. I mean, I'm much calmer now than I was when I first started checking out postings here--it's a relief to have one place where I can ask questions and worry openly.

Anyway, thanks for your support! I really appreciate it.


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