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Yeah, they can be all over the place as hellobecca has suggested. I would've guessed upwards of $2000. The problem is that I don't think you can walk in off the street and 'buy' one, I believe you will need a doctor to refer one for you. If you see a regular doctor, they may be able to order one, but I think a general practitioner will want to refer you to an orthopedic doctor first. Then the orthopedic doctor will want to 'evaluate' you first which will probably be several hundred bucks. Yeah, I know, it seems like a big game, they immediately want to plug into the insurance system. I have no idea on how they would respond to someone off the street and being asked to look at your knee??? Best of luck!
[QUOTE=Tobias;3515194]The Health Watch column of the March 24/31, 2008 issue of US News & World Report, p. 66, cites the cost of standing knee x rays at $150 and a knee MRI at $2500.[/QUOTE]

i was with Kaiser for 10 years but the only time I tried to use it, after 5 minute meeting the doctor, I was told anything to do with my hip would not be covered. The pain had started about 8 years into my membership.
I lived with ever increasing pain and lost of mobility. I moved to St Petersburg Russia and dropped my Kaiser(actually they dropped me)
On a visit back to California in Nov 2007 I checked to see how much a hip replacement would be and was shocked that it would be $60,000.
I came back to Russia and contacted an OS who wanted an MRI before diagnosing my problem. I was dreading the cost of the MRI but went ahead. The bill came to 2500 Rubles or $100.

After the diagnosis I was given options for a hip replacement would be $6000 including 10 days in a apartment like private hospital room.

I can't see any rational reason for a MRI using the latest Siemens color imaging would cost so much in the US. Greed comes to mind first.

The original poster is stuck, along with millions of others whose insurance will not cover needed procedures.
The US is the only country where there is surplus of facilities, and unconscionable prices. What happened to the market determining prices...not in US medical pricing.
one more thing i should have added - - the ortho surgeon insisted on MRI before my first consult with him. i was told by his appointment people to walk into my appointment with "films in hand" or they would have to reschedule. then when i saw the surgeon, he never even took them out of the envelope ! he could see from just the simple xrays how bad the damage was. talk about throwing away money on needless tests... but this seems to be the standard the medical profession is holding onto now. :(

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