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16, feeling 40!
Apr 1, 2008
I used to be the typical do everything kid, doing sports and really atheltic. 3 years ago during soccer i found myself limping alot, and my knee stiffened up. It eventually disappeared after a while but was aggervated during every soccer game. Once the season was over my knee was normal. But now and then it would swell up at the back and lock/stiffen and was extremly painful to walk on!

Now 3 1/2 years later, i have lateral patella tracking, and another problem, which to me sounds like meniscus damage/tear.

I have [B][COLOR="Red"]fluid in my knee joint[/COLOR][/B], and im extremly curious to know if anyone knows if a [COLOR="Red"][B]knee cap problem can cause the fluid[/B][/COLOR]?!

Also, i saw a orthopedic surgeon, and was put on physio. I started physio and after the second week my knee cap began to [B]slip[/B]! To me its hard to get my brain around how my knee cap is out of place its pretty clear when you just look at my knees, but they've never slipped and i kept getting asked what way they slip.. and im going :confused:they've never slipped ( btw my right knee has this problem to, the tracking one) Once into my second week of physio KNEE cap SLIPPED, SO PAINFUL. Im on my 6th week of physio, and THEY JUST showed me how to properly DO my exercises! I was showen once how to do everything, but was always told to get as far as you could, but the student from the unversity was working with me and told me NO you shouldnt be doing that! And now im actually concerned is indeed has made it worse! Im wanting my life back! But im completly undetermined because the back of my knee problem hurts more than the knee cap problem!

They is a spot at the back while my leg is bent but just relaxed, you barely touch it with your finger and i will be bottled over in pain, BUT my physio therapist is trying to tell me thats just a baker's cyst! Im only 16 i just want to KNOW for sure whats wrong and KNOW for sure the options that are in my BEST intrest! Im going to see a new ortho to get there opinion, but in the mean time i feel like im getting run over and just told random things to keep me off there backs.
Ill leave a list of symptoms but i just ask of anyone who can relate or just wants to through in any imput PLEASE, ive been feeling like just throwing in the towel and saying forget it ill LIVE with it! But im just tired of feeling like im a 40 yearold trappedd in a 16 year olds body!
[*]Fluid in knee joint
[*]swelling @ left hand side at the back of knee
[*]sharp pain
[*]pain that radiates from the back to the front
[*]gives out
[*]locks here and there
[*]a feeling of something near the back clicking ( a different one from the popping/clicking)
[*]"knots" in my muscles around where its painful @ the back
[*]Feeling of something almost 'vibrating' within the knee

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