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Strange knee pain
Apr 2, 2008
I have been having a strange pain on the left side of my left knee for about 2 weeks. It doesn't hurt when walking or any other kind of movement. It hurts when I wash with a washcloth, dry with a towel, turn over in bed and put that side of my knee against the sheets, etc. In other words, it hurts when I touch it with a little or a lot of pressure. It is a burning, stabbing pain (pretty intense) to the left of my knee cap, not the knee cap itself. It usually stops hurting within a few minutes of removing the pressure. I can feel a bone there that moves when I bend my knee. It feels like it's kind of popping, if that makes sense. I think it's some kind of nerve that runs along there that has a problem. Does this sound logical?
As near as I can remember this started when my husband was in the hospital for a week and I spent many hours sitting on a hard vinyl kind of couch thing. Both my knees and legs were sore and hurting from crossing my legs so much and from my jeans rubbing my legs where they were crossed. This would have been a spot where my right leg was when I crossed it over my left. I am retired and don't usually wear jeans except to go out, and I certainly don't sit in uncomfortable chairs with my legs crossed all day.
Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. If you think it is a nerve that is aggravated, what can I do to make it better? I have a Dr's appt. on the 15th. and will bring it up if it is still hurting, but I was hoping it would be OK by then.

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