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It seems there is no end to the minutiae I can worry about before surgery! However, this is really bothering me--I have a slight ingrown toenail on my left foot. I generally keep problems at bay by a weekly pedicure at an vietnamese run nail salon (so inexpensive to have the frequent treatment). However, the chairs there are really low and don't see how, even with pillows that I'm going to be able to avoid raising knees higher than hip. Surgery will be on my right hip, but still you get both feet done with a pedicure.

Any ideas on how to handle footcare after surgery? Assuming after 6 weeks or so, it will be easier to get a pedicure. Am willing to spend more money and go to a more expensive place if I can find one where chairs are suitable--but am worried that immediately after surgery my foot will kill me. I really can't go more than a week without some work on the toe.

A few months ago, I went to a chiropractor but he didn't want to do anything to the nail--said it just wasn't bad enough. But with all the talking we've been doing about infections after surgery, I won't want to chance an infected toe.

Any ideas would be welcome as I have several weeks to take care of stuff like this.


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