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This is my first time replying on this site and I definitely feel your pain. In September 09' I had a severe injury that tore my acl, pcl, partially tore my meniscus, broke snapped both my tibia and fibula in half, and tore my perineal nerve. Needless to say, my leg was essentially snapped in half at the knee. I had reconstructive surgery that seemed to be successful at first. I busted my ass in PT and regained strength and range of motion fairly quickly, but I noticed that the pain towards the back side of my knee was often significantly more painful than the soreness everywhere else. I was also having severe shooting pains, numbness, and my kneecap was getting caught whenever I would bend my knee even slightly fast. After completing PT for 4 months and seeming to be back on track, the pain towards the back of my knee started increased and was more often. After all xrays and other testing came back with no signs of damage, I had to have orthoscopic surgery for them to TRY to figure out what was causing the remaining pain and restrictions. The doctor said he took out enough scar tissue that it looked like it came out of a 70 year old man's damaged knee, not a 23 year old who had surgery only 5 months prior. Apparently you can try [I]too[/I] hard to recover. Two years later I am finally going to see a pain management doc b/c i'm tired of living in pain every day. I still have all of the pain that my 2nd surgery was supposed to fix, plus my knee has a chronic aching pain. So to summarize my experience, the human knee is extremely complex and extremely delicate, and I had to learn this the hard way. I've contacted my orthopedic surgeon about the continuous pain and worsening problems but he said "they've done all they can do, with an injury that severe you're just going to have to live with some pain". Great! So hopefully this pain doc will make the pain at least a little more tolerable, but from all of the horror stories I've read here and on other sites I'm not setting my expectations very high. I hope this can be of help to any people in similar situations as me. And I would greatly appreciate any input for me as well.

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