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Hi Grandmajan:

My reaction to your posting was the same as Linda's. It is very early in your recovery, and probably the unfamiliar exercising is keeping your muscles weak and sore. When I was discharged from my two weeks at the rehab place, the Physical Therapist warned me to not overdo the on - the - bed exercises, because I had commented that I was going to do a lot of them at home. He said that twice a day would be plenty. So too much exercise can be as harmful as too little.

Also, you mention that you do much sitting during your day. I find that sitting too long at one time results in my legs being stiff when I get up, and that goes away after a little while. I find that varying my positions during the day works the best. That is, walk around a lot doing your tasks around home, sit down to type, watch TV etc, but not too long at one time. Lie down on the bed sometimes but not too long at that, either. In other words, keep moving!

We all are different in the time it takes to get back to how we felt before all the aches and pains of hip problems. However, as several posters have noted, we never get back to how we were at a much earlier time. The years do take their toll. And Jan, both of us are Grandmas. Bet I am older than you are.

I am 4 plus months away from my THR, and still use my walker a lot, especially when going out from home. I do walk without either cane or walker during my time at home. I don't want to ruin my recovery by being impatient. Both my regular doctor and my hip surgeon say I am doing very very well. I attribute this to following all the rules and being patient and cautious. :)

Shirley H.

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