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Well first off if your knee starts to get worse and worse i would make an appointment to try and see a orthopedic surgeon. Ive allowed my knee to get worse over the last 3 years. IM only 16 aswell. I have been told i have lateral patella tracking in both knees but worse in the left. PLUS another problem in the left possibly im finally getting my knee scoped, and a lateral release done within the next 6 weeks :)!

But anyways, if you feel any pain under or in the area of your knee cap, it could be all from having some sort of problem with your knee cap. I tend to have my kneee give out on me, stairs they say are hard to do which i must say they arent that bad but i guess depends on many things. When i kneel down youll hear to loud pops from my knee caps going back into place.

If you know from experience with having a ligament problem and meniscus problem , then id stay focused on the other things that could be. Even try just giong to a drug store and getting a stabilizing brace that has the patella hole or something that could give you a little extra support in the mean time. Ive pretty much lost alot of things i can do at the moment from never doing anything about it and never trying to figure out what is going on within my knee. its nothing to get overly worked up about, id just keep an eye on it and if it continues to worsen get it checked out. Aslong as you find the right ortho who will help you figure it out youll be good. Just i would say dont over use it at the moment just go easy on it.]

Do you get any other pains with it though, any like poping grinding kind of things?
Anything at all

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