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Re: Now What?
Apr 26, 2008
i have had a knee problem for the last 3 years, but it didnt get worse until this past august,turns out my knee caps arent in place. I would always find i would sit for a while and it was like pressure built up in my knees and then id have to make it pop for me to feel like it was fine again. I always have Fanning of hte fibres of hte proximal incertion of my pcl that were consistant with degenerative changes. But im not sure what this means still, because im only 16 and my xrays were clean showing no arthritis!

the ortho i originally saw didnt care and said do physio come back 3 months, well physio made my knee caps now slip and when they fitted me with my brace they put the support on the wrong side so it was added more pressure on the way my knee cap tilts.

Now the ortho ihave now saw me two times last week and now im waiting for surgery within the next 5 weeks. For me its amazing because its affecting my life and everything i do and my right one is starting to get worse and i dont enough the pain from my left and dont want to allow my right to get that bad.

But many problems can cause the popping/cracking in knees which makes it difficult to understand wahts causing it.
I dont know about any cartilage damage but it could invovle that possibly, it all really depends.

Do you get alot of pain around your knee cap or is it in other places than that?

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