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Hi Shirley!

I am just in awe of how you figured out how to deal with the sunday paper. That in itself is an accomplishment! I don't really read the paper, hubby does so he is the one who goes out and gets it, I tend to read the papers online.

Perhaps I am over doing it, causing the buttocks pain. I never really thought about it. Like you, I have limited seating right now, this computer chair, a dining room chair with arms and finally now I can sit on the sofa, it helps to sit on a pillow sometimes or at least stack 2 throw pillows to help when getting up, using the cane for support in one hand, other hand pushing off the pillows. Sometimes I will sit here too long and feel it when I get up. I will try harder to be more mindful of the time I sit here. I have to admit, I've not been laying down much or taking naps, I need to do more of both!

I use my grabber for everything, fetching tennis balls for the dog is especially helpful, she has several of these balls and they are always getting under furniture. The cats don't appreciate the grabber, they run when they see me using it! It's really helpful with cat fur and the pieces of fluff that are on the scratching post, which also end up on the carpet.

I'm currently on disability, so not working right now, that should change when I'm recovered.

Eventually you will be able to return to using all of the chairs in your home, it takes time and for a while you will find yourself getting up differently from them even once your restrictions are lifted. Then one day you just start doing it like before without even thinking about it. I catch myself doing things now, that I know I should not be doing, but once you discover you can, it's hard to go back. I'm still struggling to get my shoe on but it's getting easier and I've found a work around for it that I know my pt would not approve of but it doesn't cause me any

The pets have become quite interested in my recovery. When I first came home I was sleeping in the guest room because the bed is easier to get in and out of and I didn't feel like doing the stairs all the time. The dogs would lay outside the bedroom door and whine, so finally I just let them in and they would get up with me each time I did...the cats just thought it was all one big new playground!

Hope you're having a good day. I've already done a lot today, perhaps I should go rest! :)


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