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Hi meeyra:

Last I read on the Internet, grocery delivery charges here were about $6, but that is probably higher now with the outrageous gas prices.

Good to take frequent naps - sort of alternate lying down with moving around, sitting, etc. Too long in one position seems to bother the osteo arthritis if one has that and also maybe after hip replacement. The idea is to keep moving. That is good for our spirit, too.

Warming up here and people just sort of coming out of the woodwork after our long winter. Global warming, indeed! This has been one of the six coldest springs in MN weather history. They say that the El Nina is causing our cold winter and spring this year. The guys on one local talk radio program like to say after hearing the cold daily temperatures "More proof of global warning."
I like to listen to talk radio and this one program is a real hoot. It is called "Garage Logic". I have one of their logos on my Focus side window. Sometimes I chance to meet up with another fan who notices the logo. We then share a few laughs.

How's your hip coming along?

Shirley H.

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